G Spot Tattoo Studio Heraklio

G Spot Tatoo Studio Heraklio

G Spot Tattoo Studio Heraklio

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  • Mitsotaki 2 Heraklio
  • 281 034 6920
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Tattoo and Piercing

G Spot Tattoo Studio. Give yourself the ultimate tattoo and piercing experience. We have jewellery that will decorate any part of your body you choose, with absolute security.
Our specialized artists use the most sophisticated and safe drilling methods and guarantee the ultimate successful end result!

Apart from the love for Body Art, the most important element for G Spot Tattoo is the health and safety of the customers, which is why sterile disposable needles and materials of excellent quality are used.

Mostly the designs are personal for everyone depending on the idea. I work by appointment and a deposit is required. The most common tattoo styles designed are minimal, old school, black work, cover, geometric, abstract, lettering and more. At G Spot Tattoo In addition to tattoos, you can do your first piercing or add another one to your body or face.
Book now or contact us for more information! 2810346920

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Το κατάστημα λειτουργεί με άδεια υγειονομικού ελέγχου υπ’αριθμόν 5855/18-6-2007

The distance from Gouves is about 20 km.

Contact us to book your appointment or a consultation for your next tattoo or piercing!

G Spot Tattoo Studio Mitsotaki 2 71202

Heraklio, Crete

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