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Cretan Cuisine Festival

Cretan Cuisine Festival

Cretan Cuisine Festival a Festivity of flavors, tastes and colors

Cretan cuisine festival Iraklio

The annual well-established meeting of taste and tradition was held for one more year in Gournes, Crete. The 7th Festival of Cretan Cuisine transformed the area of ​​the International Exhibition Center of Crete last Sunday into an “orchard” full of tradition, with fragrant images and tastes and colors.

The Cretan Cuisine Festival, which had free admission, attracted thousands of citizens who were impressed by Cretan traditional food. The dishes cooked on the spot by dozens of members of local villages, women and men, from 58 cultural clubs around Crete.

cretan sausage

At the end of the day, the winner was the Retreat Association of Ethia with the recipe “Starenioi  lahanadolmades with pork and fried olives” that received the first prize. With this recipe Ethia managed to awaken memories and of course to excite the judges’ palate to put it in the first place.

The old recipes of Grandma, Minoan Crete and Erotokritos, flooded with flavors and tastes the International Exhibition Center of Crete in Gournes Iraklion, at the 7th Festival of Cretan Cuisine that was successfully organized with the support of the Region of Crete.

Cretan folk

At the festival that has become a successful tradition for the island, the Cretan products, the authentic Cretan cuisine as a model of the Cretan diet and Cretan folk tradition, emerged in the top organizations of the cultural collections of the island

Each club presented with love and passion the authentic nutritional and social tradition of the villages from all areas of Crete, while all visitors tasted delicious dishes. They also had the opportunity to hear great Cretan music from Nektarios Samolis and his band and presentation of traditional Cretan dances from the Folklore group “Lazaros and Manolis Charnis” and Kindergarten “Our bees”

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