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Athens Travel Guide

Athens, Greece has one of the largest collection of Greek ancient ruins and artifacts and is the primary destination for tourists from around the world  visiting the country. Athens has a lot of history here. However, outside the ruins and the beautiful Plaka, I love the history, I love the chaos, I love the Greeks, I just don’t love the city. Even the folks I know from Athens try to get away. Yet, a city that’s thousands of years old is going to have a lot to do and this travel guide can help you plan your trip around the city. I enjoy walking through the ruins but I wouldn’t spend more than three days here.

Typical Costs

Average cost of food – Cheap street food (gyros, pizzas, etc) will cost around 4 EUR and even a meal for two people with a bottle of wine will only cost about 36 EUR even in the touristy Plaka. Meals are cafes will cost around 12 EUR. If you cook your meals, expect to pay 45 EUR per week for groceries that will include pasta, vegetables, chicken, and other basic foods.

Transportation costs – Athens has a good public transportation system with buses, subways, and trams that will get you to where you need to go. You can pay for a single ticket, which costs 1.40 EUR or you could pay for a multi-day tourist ticket, which costs 22 EUR. The tourist ticket will get you an airport round-trip, is good on all public transportation, and it’s good for 3 days. (A trip to the airport on the express bus costs 6 EUR – 3 EUR for students, kids, and seniors – and a trip there via metro costs 10 EUR.) You also have the option for a 24-hour ticket which gives unlimited travel for 4.50 EUR.

Money Saving Tips

Eat gyros – You can cut down your food budget by eating delicious and filling Gyros for only 4 EUR. It’s the best way to eat cheap in an already cheap country.

Visit in the off-season – June and July are the busiest and most expensive months, so if you can arrange for a visit before June which would really cut down your accommodation and flight costs by up to half.

Athens Taxis – What you need to know

Taxis operate a 24-hour service and are quite cheap. They can be hailed down on the street or otherwise picked up at taxi stands around major tourist squares such as Monastiraki and Syntagma. You can also book one calling the radio taxi line.

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